Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Granny's Rushi chi Bhaaji

For those who dont know..... in the Bhadrapad -the 6thmonth as per the Marathi panchang(calendar) the next day after Ganesh Chaturthi day is Rushi Panchami. It is a day of ‘Vrata’ or 'Upvaas' to express respect, gratitude and remembrance of the deeds of those ancient Rishis who devoted their life for the cause of society. In the Konkan region of Maharashtra, women perform this Vrata.

Like the Gujarati Udiyo or the Keralite Aviyal, in Maharashtra, a mixed green leafy veggies bhaji is made on Rushi Panchami. This bhaji is made only of non-sulphurous vegetables of varieties ranging from 10-30 types (vegetables that dont have strong smells) and when I say only vegetables I mean it, no spices or masala/curry leaves or any other flavours are added to this.

Those who know me well, even know that I am more of a fish lover and have a low preference for veggie foods, so they will be surprised to hear this, that I actually like this bland bhaji very much, even I am dumbfounded as to why.....but I really enjoy it.

I am sharing with you the recipe for this bhaaji made by my granny. The preparations will begin a day before when my grandad & dad will bring all the required veggies. Then my granny, my mom & me will start to clean & chop them & keep ready for the next day i.e. Rushi Panchami. In the morning itself the biggest vessel in the house will go onto the gas & my granny will start with the tempering followed by addition of other veggies which will simmer for atleast an hour. After all the ingredients come together its ready to gorge onto with fluffy white 'Dashmis" which only my granny can make with fine perfection! Love you very much & miss you AAJI.

1cup  pavsaali bhende ( big lady fingers) - chopped
6 aluchi pane (colocasia leaves) - chopped
1 cup padwal (snake gourd) - chopped
1cup lal bhopala (yellow pumpkin) - chopped
2cups hirva math- chopped
1 cup lal math (swiss chard) - chopped
1 cup chavli (black eyed pea leaves) - chopped
1cup pavsali kakdi (big cucumber) - chopped
1cup bajiravi gevda - chopped
1cup doodhi (milk gourd) - chopped
1cup shirali (ridge gourd) - chopped
1cup ghosali - chopped
3 white corns – cut into pieces
Ghee – 4 tbsp
Jaggery – 2 tbsp
Green chillies – 6/8- chopped
Tamarind juice – 2/3 tbsp
Salt to taste

Heat a pan and add ghee & chillies & then add the prepared vegetables including the corn kernels. Add sufficient water to cover the vegetables. Bring it to a boil. Add salt,jaggery & tamarind juice.Reduce heat, cover and simmer for 1hr or till vegetables & corn are ­­­­­cooked & a slurry/stew is formed. 



  1. funky. i had no idea maharashtrians made anything like this.

    isn't ghosali the same as ridged gourd/shirali? or are the the ridged (turia) and unridged (ghee turia) varieties??

    1. ghosali is smooth gourd unlike shirali

  2. yes ghosali is the unridged variety! its not as common as shirali.

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  4. Nice one! I have one suggestion not regarding the recipes but look and feel! Can you make the text in contrast with background so that it will be easy to read? better make it white.Thanks